Aubrey Daniels International Opens One-of-a-Kind Virtual Museum To Deepen Understanding of Behavioral Science on its 100-Year Anniversary

The following are some of the features of the museum that make it special: 

  • A comprehensive timeline of the history of behavior analysis.
  • Historical material and commentary on behavior analysis pioneer B. F. Skinner’s innovative yet controversial “air crib.”
  • A virtual room dedicated to the history of teaching machines, devices that Skinner thought would revolutionize education. From their inception in the 1940s and 1950s, these devices never quite caught on except among aficionados of behavior analysis. With the rise of the Digital Age, however, teaching machines and Skinner’s general technology of teaching have experienced a resurgence.
  • Devices for making and delivering reinforcers in both the behavior laboratory and real-world settings, including one such device used in America’s early space exploration programs.
  • Devices, large and small, for recording behavior, an important activity of any branch of science. Such devices provide the data from which principles of behavior are developed. These principles then find their way into human settings, where they can be used to benefit both individuals and the groups to which they belong.