Our purpose is to advance behavior analysis, nationally and internationally, through a greater understanding of its history. Our mission is to advance that understanding. Our objectives are to (a) cultivate and nurture, (b) enrich and improve, and (c) communicate and disseminate the field's history. Our purview is the field's long past, short history, and recent origins, both internal and external to the field. Internal history includes the field's research methods, sciences, conceptual systems, philosophies, professions, and institutions, as well as its scientists, scholars, and professionals. Its external history includes the field's historical, social, and cultural contexts. At the moment, our activities include maintaining a Listserv (HOBA@LISTSERV.UHD.EDU) and holding an annual business meeting at the Association for Behavior Analysis International (ABAI) conferences. Our future activities include building and maintaining this web site, holding annual ABAI HoBA symposia, and creating an awards program.